Flag-Pins-Jordan-Pakis_optSTAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan and Jordan have agreed to enhance mutual cooperation in the fields of science and technology, energy and higher education. Most recently a delegation of senior scientists and officials from Jordan visited the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to explore the possibilities to reform the higher education sector.

During the visit, HEC Chairman Dr Javaid R Laghari apprised them about the HECs functions and role in strengthening the higher education in Pakistan. He said that the previous HEC establishment had brought revolutionary changes in the higher education sector. He said that due to their revolutionary reforms, Pakistani universities had been included among the top international and Asian universities.

During the last decade, international collaboration with leading higher education institutions of academically advanced countries had been established throughout the globe. Pakistans higher education model, especially quality assurance reforms, are being followed by other developing countries.

The chairman invited Jordans Higher Education minister to visit Pakistan to explore more avenues of academic and scientific collaboration between the two countries.

The delegation agreed that greater cooperation and collaboration in education would lead to the economic prosperity of both countries and produce more skilled human resource for the Islamic world.

The delegation appreciated the HECs role in bringing vibrant and effective changes in the sector and showed keen interest for collaboration with Pakistans higher education institutions.

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