GIKI Sc Fair_optSO ONCE again the stage has been set for the 14th All Pakistan Science Fair on 15th-17th February 2013. In a country where the state of education is worrisome and students are indifferent towards subjects that stand at the pinnacle of human progress, the organization of science-related events is praiseworthy. Throughout the year, Pakistan witnesses an active scenario of such events in many of its institutes. Along with healthy social interaction, these invigorating competitions inculcate the curiosity in attendees to understand more about science.

To push the frontiers of continuously evolving fields, it has to be understood that science is not just about remembering formulae and memory-recall drills; it is about comprehending the ways nature works. This is precisely what the GIKI Science Society aims to achieve.

Founded over a decade ago, GIKI Science Society annually organizes All Pakistan Science Fair. The event hosts the most inquisitive minds from all over the country. The three-day event comprises of modules and activities carefully tailored to impart scientific knowledge and to induce interest towards learning. As stated in its objectives, the society is aspired to correlate academic knowledge with its practical implications.

Participants make their way towards the coveted event trophy through a series of challenging competitions. Science Kasoty- which assesses the scientific knowledge of contestants, Science Eureka- which evaluates experimental skills, and Marathon are just a few to be named.

Moreover, teams strive against each other in Science Exhibition by showcasing their innovative projects. Event also includes a seminar which features scientists and technology startups. In addition to all the technical activism, the hosts make it sure to provide participants with the much needed respite in form of entertainment night and themed dinner. Another important aspect of this activeness is the grooming of social and managerial skills together with lifelong friendships.

A worth-mentioning initiative of GIKI Science Society is its magazine Science Aurora. Magazine attempts to present scientific developments and phenomena in a way that makes sense to educated laymen. According to its editors, magazine endeavors to Decipher, Disseminate, and Revolutionize. The fourth publication of Aurora is due in a few months.

While these initiatives are great ways to engage proactive youth in science-related activities, they cannot alone generate significant change in students attitudes towards science. The dysfunctional state of academic system, combined with poor textbooks and bad teachers fail to deliver meaningful knowledge, which ultimately leaves even the brightest minds ill-equipped to compete and innovate. The impact of these contests may be insignificant when compared to the overall scenario of scientific education in country, but there is hope in the fact that they provide platforms through which further progress and initiatives can be launched.for details visit or

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