zong_circlesSTAFF REPORT IBD: Zong wants to offer different telephony services such as Long Distance International (LDI) operator and for which it has got the Federal Cabinet Committee and Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) approval.

“Now Zong will be able to get the LDI License without any hindrance because the accord duration is about to end,” said by Chief Commercial Officer Zong, Sajid Mehmood.

The Company had launched its services in 2008 in Pakistan and has been seeking for the LDI license since its launched, but has been given the license due to binding of commercial contract between the government of Pakistan and UAE.

PTA would auction the LDI license according to rules and regulations and there is expectation that Zong will acquire it for expanding its service across the country.

Zong has applied for LDI license since its launch and got green signal from the Federal Cabinet and MoITT but PTA was disinclined to give its license.

Currently, Zong is providing international call services in alliance with different partners but its will operate international calls, SMS and telephony service through its own network after getting the license.

Zong has been the fastest growing network in the country since last two financial years. It jumped to fourth position from the fifth due in terms of connections while its subscribers base has crossed the benchmark of 19 million.

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