internet_censor_1_optSTAFF REPORT IBD: Control over filtering contents on Internet is yet to be materialized as the telecom authorities in Pakistan have so far shown their incompetence to devise any mechanism to monitor and put censorship over the web materials.

Over the matter of YouTube censorship along with many other websites which contain material considered unfit for the Pakistani public, both PTA and the Ministry of Information Technology do not have a course of action.

In recent past, PTA had submitted a proposal to the MoIT for content filtration on websites through a Chinese system. PTA had taken into consultations intelligence agencies and national security bodies, including the Ministry of Interior, Armed Forces, and NTSC. However, the ministry seems to be at odds with the proposal made due to certain reservations it has over the system and its potential to deliver.

According to an official, the filtration software is said to be worth $5 million and will be installed at four landing stations of submarine cable. Mobile internet will also be regulated in the same way.

The reason to have reservation is also due to the fact that such a system would allow the government to monitor emails, mobile phone calls and mobile internet traffic, which is an invasion to individuals privacy.

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