STAFF REPORT IBD: WiMAX has recently attempted to convince the government of Pakistan to bring more transparency in laws and market practices so that more investments could come to the countrys IT and telecom sector.

“I have held a series of meetings with regulator and government officials to help them understand the challenges being faced by WiMAX operators in Pakistan,” Declan Byrne, President of WiMAX Forum, said this while talking to this scribe during his recent visit to Islamabad.

WiMAX is the global organization that certifies and promotes the compatibility and interoperability of WiMAX products and services.

He said that the spectrum allocated for WiMAX in the country is capping the performance and productivity of operators. In addition, he said, the spectrum used by incumbent that goes beyond its legal allowance is seriously affecting their Company and other broadband operators.

It is to be mentioned here that along with local partners, WiMAX forum has put immense efforts in streamlining the WiMAX businesses in the country that have been undergoing stagnant growth after booming period few years ago.

He mentioned, “We have to formulate a number of compact business modules in order to to meet ever-changing market needs.

His Company is working on new standards that will allow all sorts of devices, including smartphones, notebooks and tablets to get connected with internet through WiMAX without CPEs.

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