STAFF REPORT IBD: All mobile phone operators have been directed by the telecom authority to monitor the number of SIMs issued against one CNIC before selling new SIMs to a customer and that new SIMs should not be sold to anyone already having over five SIMs registered against one CNIC.

Under these directives by the PTA, now a customer can have maximum five SIMs. The only way to get new SIM – if he/she has already five SIMs – is to get old, inactive and un-used SIMs blocked before making a new purchase.

“We have installed an effective mechanism and issued directives to our all sale points across the country to ensure that no customer could have more than five SIMs,” an senior executive of a cellular operator told while talking to this scribe.

Another official, however, said that the mechanism for blocking SIMs for customers who have more than 5 SIMs is yet to be formulated.

It is to be mentioned here that this rule of 5 SIMs against one CNIC was issued on orders of supreme court of Pakistan.

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