By Paras Ali

WHILE TAKING step forward in take the local IT and telecom industry to new heights, Zong in collaboration with Huawei has established a state-of-the-art GSM laboratory and training centre at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST).

“The project has been launched in Pakistan in order to maintain as well as strengthen the liaison with the telecom industrys needs by creating a bridge between the academia and the corporate world,” said Dr Fan Yun Jun, CEO, Zong, a subsidiary of China Mobile, while addressing the inaugural ceremony of GSM lab at the university.

He said that the bringing prosperity in Pakistan is a fundamental part of his companys corporate social responsibility as helping young people access quality technological education will lay the foundation of cultivating talent which is necessary for the advancement of industry and development in the country.

Dr Fan also evaluated the vibrant role of NUST in imparting quality education in Pakistan, specially the team and Dr Arshad Ali for establishing this lab. “Mobile phones are now replacing the fixed line network all over the world, Pakistan has exponential potential in mobile internet, Smart Phones are the future, we are working with Huawei, which is the 2nd largest mobile equipment manufacturing company in the world in order to facilitate our customers in Pakistan,” he maintained.

He explained that the lab will be used for research purpose and can be described as an intact telephone network composed of a set of GSM mobile infrastructures including MSC, BSC, BTS, HLR and media gateway. The lab will also offer software development platforms, tools and patch programmes to eliminate difference.

“Students will be acquainted with network management in relation to network breakdown, configuration, and safety and telecom infrastructures in the lab,” he asserted.

In his remarks, Liu Jian, Ambassador of the Peoples Republic of China to Pakistan said, “It is, no doubt, a major step taken by Zong in order to help the talented students accomplish their goals. And with Huaweis laudable investment of $1.3 million, I am confident that this lab is furnished with the latest technology where students will be able to gain experience related to practical application of communication standards”.

He further said that the efforts of both the companies – Zong and Huawei – do not only represent promotion of technological education; but also they symbolize the commitment of China to Pakistan.

“This lab will provide students hands-on experience of operating high-tech GSM equipment, and can be used as a platform for Research and Development for value added services,” remarked Dr Arshad Ali, Director SEECS, while addressing the audience.

Engineer Muhammad Asghar, Rector NUST, was of the view that the university must have close relationship with industry, knowledge and technologies are changing day by and going on a fastest way. In order to keep pace with the rapidly taking developments, it is necessary for students to have practical knowledge of their respected areas.

He also said that the establishment of this lab would go a long way in further enhancing the interaction between universities of Pak China and strengthen the economic cooperation. Pakistan should have faculty from China, he suggested.

Zong is China Mobiles first venture outside of China. China Mobile has made the largest investment among all the Chinese investment in Pakistan and is considered an emissary of friendship between Pakistan and China.

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