STAFF REPORT IBD: Entrants to the wi-tribe Pakistan Developers Challenge 2012(PDC2012) got their moment to shine after wi-tribe announced the winners of 17 award categories at a ceremony held here recently.

According to details, in partnership with education and technology industry giants including Punjab IT Board (PITB), Higher Education Commission (HEC), Microsoft, Intel, Pakistan Software House Association (P@SHA) and Dell Inc, the entrants were offered the chance to contest in and win prizes in 17 categories, ranging from cash awards, internships and job opportunities.

The PDC2012 Grand Prize of Rs 100,000 has been awarded to M. Rizwan ul Haq for the Al Quran Audio, while the recipient of the most number of entries category prize is AIOU, also winning Rs 100,000.

Launched in April 2012 on wi-tribe Bazaar,PDC 2012 is the largest application development platform in Pakistan, providing opportunities to anyone with a passion for app development, be it students, graduates, aspiring developers or professionals. The wi-tribe Bazaar is Pakistans first buy and sell software portal that further strengthens wi-tribes promise to remain an industry leader that is constantly looking for innovative opportunities to bridge the gap between technology and consumers. According to an official of the wi-tribe, the contest was aimed at bringing together Pakistans greatest young developer minds to jointly create and monetize proprietary local PC and mobile software applications.

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