STAFF REPORT LHR: The Punjab government and Hangzo Regional Centre for Asia Pacific (HRCAP) China have signed an MoU for the construction of small hydropower projects that will reduce electricity crisis in the province. HRCAP is a hydropower research institute that will be established at Lahores University of Engineering and Technology (UET).

“The institute will serve to facilitate technical assistance, preparation of design, training staff and other matters necessary to bring about the success of multiple hydropower projects,” said an official close to this development.

The province has the worlds biggest canal system and with so much energy, small hydropower projects can be constructed at 500 different places across the province. It is the best way to utilise the flowing water through such mechanical devices like watermills, sawmills, dock cranes, besides other ways.

After the success of these hydropower projects in Punjab, Sindh could also begin implementation of the same renewable energy production. Renewable energy is definitely the solution of Pakistans growing energy demand. It will also help us be free from the dependency on foreign aid for the matter.

Hydro-electricity is a responsible way of dealing with environment and has become the most common means of renewable energy production. Almost 16 per cent of the worlds energy is produced through hydropower projects.

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