STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistans spending on education is still much below the level recommended by the United Nations (UN). Instead of the 6 per cent that the UN recommends, we have dedicated just 2.3 per cent of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to education.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Chairman Javaid Laghari said this at a recently held two-day international conference at the NUML here.

The conference was about the contemporary and emerging trends in business and management. “Subjects like business and economy are becoming critically important,” said Laghari.

The two-day conference focused on aspects of corporate management and aims to extract ideas from academia to help the corporate sector address potential future challenges.

On the occasion, students from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, International Islamic University Islamabad, University of Engineering Taxila and other universities shared their research.

Scholars such as Dr Illyas Dhami from USA, Dr Julee and Dr Sermin Senturam from Turkey, Dr Muhammad Akram Chaudry from the University of Sargodha, and Dureen Golinowsky from Canada presented their research findings on self-development management and leadership, technology development, new challenges in entrepreneurship and effective communication.

The students also presented their research on human resource development, marketing, finance, accounting, banking, technology management and governance on the concluding day of the conference.

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