STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Composite Show has recently been held in Islamabad which covered a symposium, policy dialogue and industrial exhibition. The event was organised by the Composites Engineering Research Group of Department of Mechanical Engineering (DME) and NUST College of EME.

Over 150 senior academics, industrialists and official from different government departments attended the event. The event also featured more than 20 companies. On the occasion, they exchanged ideas on the evolution of the industry and discussed policies for industrialization in Pakistan.

From the symposium, establishment of a joint technology center was proposed based on funding from both private and government sectors. The centre would serve to increase export volume by 10 times within the next five to ten years, if it is established. If such a plan materializes, then the economic growth would be remarkable. The joint technology centre will also serve better for coordination and centralization of efforts toward technological development of Pakistan.

The opening up of public-private partnership for the defence and security interests was also discussed during the event.

Already, private companies are handling defence contracts from developed countries. In Pakistan, matters of national security have always been handled by the military, but the trend could change if better private sector bids are offered.

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