STAFF REPORT KHI: Nokia Pakistan in partnership with P@SHA has conducted a Nokia Developers Workshop at the University of Karachi, which aimed at providing students an insight into the world of mobile app development and the rise in demand of apps in the local market.

The workshop focused on inculcating app development skills for the S40 Full Touch devices. The training was imparted by Syed Faraz Ahmed, Senior Engagement Manager, Lakson Business Solutions.

On the occasion of the successful completion of the workshop, Faraz said, “It was wonderful to interact with such enthusiastic students and share with them the S40 background and provide hands-on training on the SDK LWUIT 2.0 available to work on mobile apps for S40 Full Touch platform.”

Expressing her views, Rabia Azfar Nizami, Head DX, Near East, NOKIA said, “I appreciate the interest level of Karachi Universitys UBIT students to learn and excel in their chosen field.”

The students were enthusiastic about learning hands on skills from a professional mentor and showed their interest towards the development of local content for the Nokia Store. At the workshops conclusion, certificates were distributed among all the participants.

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