STAFF REPORT LHR: The cell phone users in Pakistan continue to suffer a lot as the government one again suspended mobile phone services in as many as 15 cities including Karachi and Quetta for 11 hours from 1pm to midnight, citing the wellbeing reasons and threats of terrorist attacks. While in Islamabad, the services in sector G9 has been place on closure midnight.

Karachi constitutes around 12 per cent of the overall subscribers base of 120 million of overall cellular phone companies while Quetta has two per cent share. The utility of services is comparatively the highest in Karachi as its the economic and commercial hub of the country.

Customers are facing problems in their routine lives especially in the two cities. People having no alternative communication tool such as wireless phone or landline number suffered more hardships due to unavailability of the services for the whole working day.

Customers said that the government should take every second measures to tighten the wellbeing and avert untoward incidents instead of cutting the communication source, which has be converted into the basic necessity.

According to officials of cellular phone companies, subscribers base in Karachi is committed and profitable for every company of the sector as the number of post-paid and pre-paid subscribers are higher here than in any other city.

This was the fifth time when the government banned temporarily the services of mobile phone companies.

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