THE REAPS 2nd International Exhibition and Conference held at the Jinnah Convention Centre from 13-15th of October 2012, has proved to be a milestone in the field of renewable and alternative energy production as the set of proposals and recommendations put forward at this conference has increased deep interest among the stakeholders. In the wake of the persistent energy crisis in the country, the need for exploring the alternative energy sector potential has become a desperate need as future progress of the country hinges solely on it.

As part of the post-expo and conference progress, Naseer Ahmad, the President REAP, wrote a letter to Chief Executive Officer, Alternative Energy Development Board, Islamabad, Arif Alla ud Din, on October 24, 2012, informing him about the proposal put forward by the REAP Executive Council regarding establishment of a public display centre for alternate and renewable energy and energy efficiency products at the F-9 Park Islamabad.

While explaining the project, Naseer Ahmad said that it is proposed that the public display centre may be established in Islamabad initially, and then in all major cities of Pakistan in order to create awareness of general public, students, technicians, customers, tradesmen, importers and people from all walks of society.

The display centre will have most of the alternate and renewable energy and energy efficiency products installed for demonstration to public. All types of equipment will be kept under operational conditions to describe the functionality of the product and all arrangements must be made for detailed explanation (Audio or display boards) of the functionality and technical specifications of the products for the understanding of the products and their functionality by visitors; similarly, for the demonstration of all indoor products, covered shelters/rooms will be fabricated using Prefabricated Glass fibre/wood structure; each with entrance and exit doors separately; all outdoor products will be properly laid in a sequence and on one side of the public walking tracks; all walking tracks will be fabricated using tuff tiles/concrete blocks; the park layout will be designed by a professional architect to maintain the park cosmetics and comfort of public handing; the park will be provided with a utility water inlet connection and a water outlet drain point for rain and waste water; the site will be powered up with electricity generated through renewable power systems, therefore no utility power connection is required; about 2000 square meters of land is required to set up the AREs public park; and there will be separate Entry and Exit gates in the park.

He also said that the AREs products are proposed to be installed initially for public demonstration. These products to be included solar Home Systems, Solar Water Pump, Solar Geyser, Solar powered LEDs Bill Boards, Solar Street Lights, Solar gatelights at entrance and exit points, Solar pathway lights, Biogas Plant for gas and power generation, Solar Cooker, Wind Mill, Mini/Micro, Hydro system, Solar Air Conditioner, Solar Refrigerator, Solar Vaccination Kit box, LEDs/LVD based indoor lights, olar day lighting System and Jetropha Plants nursery and Grinding mechanism

The development of the park will need preparation funds. It will include construction of outer fencing, entrance and exit gates, walking tracks, prefabricated rooms, intercom connections, electrical wiring interconnection and water inlet and drain points. The funds estimates are being worked out and will be arranged in a due course of time.

The Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) is required to land acquisition (25×80 Sq Mt) at F-9 Park at a suitable location. It will develop and construct the required infrastructure at the land as per the advice of REAP and arrange budget for the preparation of the land.

The Renewable and Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP) will ensure arrangement of products, installations, brochures and Pamphlets, operations and maintenance, arrangement of guards and public entry control and conducting staff and explanation of products functionality and operation.

At the same time Naseer expressed the hope that the AEDB will positively respond to these proposals so that progress on alternate energy projects is made in sustained way.

In another correspondence, the REAP President Naseer Ahmed said that a large number of experts, industry representatives, manufacturers and policy makers had turned up to the Convention Center, Islamabad, for the event. The event, jointly organized by REAP, the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) and AEDB, showcased some of the initiatives taken by the private sector in Pakistan as a candidate for adequate handholding of the government by introducing enabling policy, fiscal, financial and legal steps.  Solar thermal, Solar PV, biomass and mini/micro hydro ARETs not only generate power but also displace the use of traditional hydrocarbons such as natural gas, thus reducing carbon emissions and promoting conservation of conventional sources of energy.

Based on the conference proceedings and suggestions, a set of recommendations is attached for actions by each of the stakeholders in the spectrum including but limited to agencies under the federal and provincial governments and attached departments.

He also mentioned since AEDB is viewed to have a significant role in the promotion of alternate and renewable energy products and policy making, we hope that your timely action towards the achievement of these recommendations would help enhance the role of ARE in Pakistan – a step towards an energy secured Pakistan for a prosperous Pakistan.

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