STAFF REPORT IBD: The Lahore High Court has once again extended stay on the International Clearing House (ICH) and allowed the overseas Pakistanis to become a necessary party in the case.

The court was moved against the levy of additional tax on the international calls made by the overseas Pakistanis, terming this raise illegal.

The court adjourned the hearing of the case till November 30 and directed counsels of petitioners to come up with more arguments.

The court, however, didnt order PTA to revoke its letter that details the minimum rates for international incoming calls, and hence international callers are still paying increased rates for making calls to Pakistan.

Initially, Brain Telecommunication had filed the main petition challenging the levy of the additional tax. The petition said that the overseas Pakistanis had been facing immense difficulty and financial loss due to the illegal additional tax. After the levy of the said tax since October 1, 2012 Pakistanis living abroad had been paying four times extra charges on a phone call made to the homeland.

The court was requested to term the impugned tax unlawful and restrain the PTA from collecting the same.

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