PAKISTAN IS an energy deficient country and according to the government information, the supply of fuels is limited, however, yet the current demand and in the future will continue to rise, which is so alarming. Therefore, keeping in view the current situation pertaining to scarce availability of energy from conventional means, REAP is executing its already devised plan to organize a series of international exhibitions and conference on yearly basis. And after the great success of REAPs first international exhibition and conference in 2011, it decided to continue organizing these events. In this connection, REEP has recently the second International Expo 2012 Exhibition and Conference on Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency was organized from October 13 to 15, 2012 at the Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad.

The event was planned to provide multiple solutions for end users in commercial, industrial and institutional markets to help them reduce their energy consumption as well as design engineers, system engineers and integrators to help them develop and provide products and services with greater energy-efficiency attributes. The event was also designed to attract and serve key decision makers from organizations throughout the world. The main purpose of organizing the event was not only to generate awareness among masses in Pakistan but will also serve as a platform for foreign equipment manufacturers to promote their products and international organizations to define and optimize their welfare programs according to the local needs.

A large number of companies of Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency participated in the EXPO, as exhibitors. These included Catkin Engineering, Islamabad, Sharif International, Rawalpindi, Elektro Control Industries, Islamabad, Adaptive Technologies, Karachi, Nizam Energy, Karachi, Jiangsu Yabang, Solar Co. China, Hisel Power, China, Golden GNU Wadi, Austria, Symbol Engineering Service, China, Mark and Trade Excelsior, Rawalpindi, Solar Geyser, Islamabad (Link Tech), Pak Agro, Islamabad, Sachal Technologies, Islamabad, Akhter Solar, Islamabad, G.H. Solar, MAKKAYS, Islamabad, Integrated Solution, Peshawar, Ageco, Economia, Islamabad, Sun Tech Power System, Alternate Energy, Islamabad, Pak Baykan (Cast Pro Islamabad), Jiangsu Yabang Solar Co. China, MIA Corporation, Nippa Tech Japan, I lamps International Beijing China, Diamond Jumbolon, PIEDMC, ATS Engineering, Shaheen Solar, KS Ltd, Sage Tech International, NESL, Sky led (Humble), Home Zone, East West Infanity, PCRET, Technology Times, Bio Energy Association Of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam University, ENERCON, UET, Taxila, POGEE, Institute of Policies Studies (IPS), Pak Turk Association and Energy Update.

Over 40 exhibitors displayed a large number of products of Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency at 82 stalls and demonstrated by participating businesses over three days. Besides participation of the REAP members, and other business community, involved in energy efficiency, four foreign companies from Austria, Japan, and China also participated in the exhibition and highly appreciated the efforts of REAP.

The exhibition remained open for all and a large number of visitors visited the stalls and witnessed the installed equipments and different types of products of alternative energy and energy efficiency.

Goal and Objectives of the Event

The overall goal of the event was to create awareness, to help in promoting the renewable energy (RE) business and to build up REAP through the sustainable strategies for the management of resources and services in the RE sector.

The following three objectives were defined to contribute to the achievement of the overall goal:

l   Enhancing the impact of research and technology

l   Strengthening capacities of the stakeholder groups

l   Supporting policy development and implementation

Target Groups

The targeted beneficiaries were stakeholder groups in the Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency resource management sector in Pakistan, national and regional ministries and governmental management bodies; industrialists and RE technologists, operation and maintenance managers; NGOs/civil society, researchers; international and regional development partners; communities and general public. All categories of beneficiaries and stakeholders were represented in the events, either as participants or resource persons (exhibitors, key-note speakers and poster presenters).

The event aimed to follow-up the key issues identified in the Conference and was designed for wider stakeholder groups through a technology and solution orientated exhibition/workshop. The 3-day exhibition and two-day Roundtable Conference was organized, with more than 300 participants from governmental institutions, universities and research institutions, civil society, entrepreneurs, industrialists and communities to make stronger partnerships for the sustainable development and management of RE resources. The exhibition included industries small-scale enterprises national and regional management organizations research institutions, (e.g. UET Taxila, Quaide-e-Azam University), NGOs and communities.

Exhibition/ Conference

The exhibition and conference focused on the dissemination of innovations in science and technology for the sustainable management of Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency resources and bionetwork services. The exhibition displayed innovations and technologies for current policies and challenges in its implementation.

Key-note Presentations and Key-issues

During the exhibition and conference, several key issues on the development of ARE resources in the country were raised and to address these challenges, the conference recommended:

l   Establishing centers of excellence in science, related technologies, and innovations to focus on ARE resources management.

l   Their specific goals should be geared towards improving the conservation and utilization of the ARE resources, and to enhance the quality services available to rural and urban households.

l   Key-actors as well as strengthening stakeholders involvement through structured information and promoting integration.

l   Policy guidance on environment issues to address all aspects of coping with climate change.

l   International and regional cooperation.

The conference, planned in coincidence with the 2nd REAP exhibition of ARETs, had three distinct but interrelated sessions spread over two days.

IPS, with its vast experience of organizing such events, played a lead role by contributing in the form of planning, coordinating and executing of the intellectual component of the conference, albeit with active involvement of AEDB and REAP.

A select but sizeable gathering (20 to 40+) of relevant policy makers and government officials including representatives of provincial governments, political parties representatives, sector experts and professionals (including engineers and architects), banks and financial institutions, media and opinion makers, and youth groups and students was targeted for each session of the conference.

Rizwan Kausar, Executive Member, REAP, performed as stage secretary, while the guests invited to the stage included Hameedullah Jan Afridi, MNA, and Chairman IPO (chief guest), moderators, Ameena Sohail, DG IPS; welcoming remarkswere given by Khalid Rehman/DG IPS. SaifurRehman from AEDB spoke on AREs Global Trends and Pakistani Scenario; general discussion was held on Ideas and Application followed by question and answer session. At the end the vote of thanks was given by Asif Jah/REAP.

After recitation from the Holy Quran, the distinguished guests were invited to address to the audience. They shown their complete satisfaction on the event and highlighted their preferences towards the Renewable Energy.

Afterword, the chief guest visited the stalls of different companies at the Expo and appreciated their efforts and participation in the event.

On the second day (14th October 2012) of the Expo the exhibition remained on from 10:00 a.m. till 8 p.m. and a large of number of guests visited the event.

Two sessions of the closing ceremony were held. In the first session, the closing ceremony was held and Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency, held after the 3-day successful operation of the event, on 15th of October 2012. Arif Allauddin, CEO, AEDB, presided over the ceremony and distributed the shields amongst the exhibitors. The best stall award was given to Nizam Energy Services, Lahore. The CEO AEDB expressed his views and admired the efforts of REAP. He further requested to REAP for continuing the tradition of hosting such events and assured that AEDB will always be there to support REAP.

This mega event was concluded with a high and encouraging note and will have far reaching impacts in setting the future course of activities in the relevant sector.

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