STAFF REPORT IBD: The penetration of broadband has shown 10 per cent rise in Pakistan that will cause an increase of 1.38 per cent in the GDP.

Probably the biggest impact of Broadband is that it helps in learning everything. Telemedicine allows specialist doctors in international and big national hospitals to treat patients of villages by being connected over broadband, reveal fresh statistics on Pakistan.

The best way of financially empowering the women is to train them to work from their homes connected with broadband. Most of the nations are ahead of Pakistan in deployment of 3G mobile broadband. These 160 nations are gaining huge benefits using 3G technology; 3G has actually become inevitable for Pakistan.

This frequency spectrum auction has been delayed far too long. One of the frivolous debates started recently is that now we should forget 3G and go for 4G.

The government has against started the process of 3G spectrum auction with bidding for hiring of consultants to monitor the auction process.

This is time the process sees its logical end and people of this country are able to benefit from something that is actually God-given for which the government just needs to give permission to use.

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