WE ALL are well aware of the energy crisis, be it the causes or adverse effects of it. But this is to only show one side of the coin.

Regularly, I notice that streetlights remain on for many hours even after the sun has risen. I wonder if this is a case of over-efficiency or sheer carelessness.

Blaming the government for this is not right. Electricity is also being wasted and misused at homes, institutions, workplaces, malls, restaurants, etc.

In institutions and workplaces, ACs, heavy-watt lights, fans, computers, etc., are needlessly left on consuming electricity until the employees leave office in the evening. No one would even bother to turn off extra lights or the airconditioner even when the room temperature is pleasant.

On an average, a middle or upper middle class family having five to six members own two televisions at home, two refrigerators and/or a separate fridge and freezer and two ACs.

Isnt using two electrical items instead of one sheer wastage of electricity? There is a need to keep a check on the exploitation of electricity at all levels.

We have grown up hearing the governments plans to overcome power crisis. However, we all know that nothing is going to change. Thus, the best thing for us to do is to contribute in minimising its wastage.

Sidra Aiman @Karachi

By Web Team

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