PTA has reportedly decided to place a cap on all night packages presently being offered by all the local mobile phones service providers. This, no doubt, is a good step in right direction, but the telecom watchdog should have taken this corrective move far earlier as the luring night packages for both phone calls and SMS have left an overall negative impact especially on the young generation who remain glued to the mobile phones the whole night talking to their friends or cross-sex individuals. Now the telecom watch plans to limit these packages by 7 pm in the evening. It is true that our youth is in extreme threat; at least some of them could be controlled after such ban. But this also generates a debate that whether change of the packages timings would be instrumental in saving the youth from further falling prey to bad habits. Only time change wont be enough to persuade the young generation from getting attracted to these luring packages especially at a time when much damage has already been done to the budding and talented minds. Here the main contribution should certainly be on the part of parents. They should keep an eye on their children activities, what kind of friends they are making; how they are progressing academically; how they are spending time. A recent research conducted by British scientists suggests that children with their smaller ears and thinner skulls can absorb 50 per cent more radiation than adults when using a cell phone. For a 5-year-old child, radiation will infiltrate half of the brain, while for a 10-year-old, the radiation will affect 30 per cent of the grey matter. Similarly, Chinese experts claim to have ground evidence that cell phone radiation can harm the cranial nerve of youngsters. Majority of the students in Pakistan are losing the essence of their professional studies as they are getting away from their goals, destinies and motives mainly due to the rising trend of using cell phone for even whole night courtesy the companies night packages. True that the mobile companies have every right to work out innovative packages offering greater value of money to their customers, but they should not make profits by compromising on the interests of the young generation. Ironically, the unpleasant effects of such packages were long ignored just to generate revenue for cellular companies and taxes for the government. In Pakistan, the authorities regrettably have developed a habitual attitude of first allowing some developments take place without realizing the related implications and ramifications, and they rise to the situation only when much damage is done to the stakeholders. However, it is never too late; they need to come up for damage control.

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