STAFF REPORT IBD: The government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) are going to launch an independent TV channel in the country in order to highlight the achievement of engineers and the developments made in this highly important sector.

This was revealed by Chairman PEC, Abdul Qadir Shah, while speaking at the function of the PEC, which the Pak Oasis sponsored at a local hotel last week. He urged the government to boost relations with the engineering community in the country as it would contribute a lot in solving their problems.

He said that engineers played a key role in the establishment of nuclear technology in Pakistan.

He said that the Thar coal project is one of the available options to bring the country out from the soaring energy crisis.

The minister said that the country’s economic backbone was “engineers,” which run the nation’s development. He said the country’s nuclear technology is indebted to engineers and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

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