STAFF REPORT KHI: The Kwick High Tech and Solutions has come up as the sole GSM SIM cards makers in Pakistan, offering local cellular operators the ability to get locally made SIM cards of international quality with global standards and at better costs.

“Kwick is already selling its locally made SIMs to two local operators and now its pursuing to expand its sale operation by selling it to foreign venders mainly China,” said Waseem Rafi, CEO Kwick.

The Company is also plans to sell SIM cards to international players, however, it wants to cap local market first which is shy to buy local costly SIMs.

Kwick said that its locally manufactured SIMs come with global standards and 25 percent lower cost, making it a viable option for Pakistani operators with an ability to save foreign exchange, import duties and freight.

In addition, the Company also offers full warehousing, distribution and logistic solutions as a value-added service to cellular operators.

Pakistan presently is witnessing a slow growth mainly due to the slump in the market. Kwick said that it is currently manufacturing 3 million SIM cards per month for local market, however, it will increase significantly with the introduction of 3G in the country.

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