By Shafaq Rizvi

TV and radio transmitters, radar installations, mobile phone base stations, and microwave ovens all generate high-frequency radiations. The radiations emitted by these sources, when penetrate inside the body, convert into heat, which can affect and impair sensitive organs. Domestic installations like fuse boxes, electricity and extension cables and main sockets all produce low-frequency electric and magnetic fields

BEFORE A debate on the topic starts, lets build some clarity on the premise first. A supposition here is the fact that what cant be seen, affects in ways that cant often be tracked. For instance, the ultraviolet rays from the sun that we are unconsciously bombarded with, serves us well as it is a direct source of Vitamin D. The same cant be said of the X-ray radiation and the state of ones body, post its intrusion with an X-ray. Like these rays, there are many harmful particles that enter our body and slowly and gradually affect our health. These harmful particles include different kinds of bacteria and germs. Similarly, there are some radiations generated by electronic devices that penetrate into our body, which are believed to be hazardous for human beings and that is why people call it “dirty electricity.”

This dirty electricity resides in our homes as well as offices and this form of radiation is inevitable as it is generated by computer, mobile phones, and other digital devices that are an essential part of our lives, our homes, and our workplaces. Doctors and researchers believe that this dirty electricity or electrosmog can even have fatal effects on human beings whereas according to some, there is a way to thwart the effects of electrosmog.

What is Electrosmog?

Electro-smog, also called eSomg, refers to the magnetic, electromagnetic, and electrical fields that are produced synthetically. The radiation is ubiquitous yet inaudible, invisible, and odor-free. It affects the growth of cells and also disturbs the flow of information between the cells. It negatively influences the energy systems and pathways of our body. The disturbance in information is created by eSmog that ends up fogging the brain. This condition occurs after using computers and mobiles for a long period of time.

This serves to the reason why people are often found complaining of headache and unclear vision after using computers for a longer period. The same has been observed with mobile phone users. The longer one talks over a mobile phone, the more walled in the head one is proven to feel.

What does eSmog do?

Samia Malik reports in the article “Dirty electricity: You cant feel it, see it but electro-smog can kill you” that these artificial radiation can cause memory loss, fatigue, headache, sleeping disorders, and even cancer. Both adults and children are vulnerable to it, equally. In addition, Electro-smog can also lead to skin problem, depression, hypertension and hypersensitivity, and brain fogginess.

It has been found that electrosmog is not limited to the offices and homes. The sources of electrosmog are also more than just computers and cell phones. Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests, and Landscape (SAEFL) indicates in their report “Electrosmog in the Environment” that electromagnetic radiations and non-ionising radiation is in the environment and the sources of these radiations are numerous of which people are not aware. These sources include railway catenaries, electrical household appliances, and electricity supply system. These sources produce low-frequency electric and magnetic fields, but if their intensity is high, a current is produced in the body that elicits undesirable muscle contractions or nerve stimulations.

TV and radio transmitters, radar installations, mobile phone base stations, and microwave ovens all generate high-frequency radiations. The radiations emitted by these sources, when penetrate inside the body, convert into heat, which can affect and impair sensitive organs. In addition to this, domestic installations, such as, fuse boxes, electricity as well as extension cables, and main sockets all produce low-frequency electric and magnetic fields. Even if a person is using cordless phone he should know that he is exposed high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Therefore, if one is experiencing tinnitus (ringing in the ears), he should know that he is electro sensitive and this impairment is due to his exposure to low intensity non-ionising radiation.

However, there are not only human beings that are vulnerable to these radiations. Who else is then affected by these sources?

Albert Einstein once wrote, “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the earth, then man would only have four years left to live. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more people.”

What he wrote long time ago is gradually becoming a reality. It has been observed that worker bees are not returning to their hives and it seem that the entire brood along with the queen has expired. Science has called this state Colony Collapse disorder. A drop in the bee populations has been observed in regions like US, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Spain and various other countries in recent years. Beekeepers have reported that the 50 to 90 per cent of their bees have disappeared and remaining ones are too feeble to produce honey. Whats happening to the bees? Is the cause extreme weather or the poisonous insecticides?

Unfortunately, the cause behind declining bee population is electromagnetic radiations as well. It has been proved by scientific research that low frequency electromagnetic filed can have a negative impact on bees. Bees in an electric filed of over four kilovolts per meter show an increased mortality rate and produce less honey, The Austrian Ministry of Land Use, Forestry, Environment and Water Use reported this to Dr. Andreas Kohl at the National Council in April 2006.

Similar case about a dog was reported by a veterinarian, Christian Metraux. He reported that a dog was lame in the hind legs and fore legs for six months. The acupuncture points identified by acupuncture diagnosis are typical for the strain from high frequency electrosmog.  As soon as the cordless phone was removed, the dogs lameness disappeared.

Electro-smog Defined by Health Science

Dr. Tasnim Ahsan, who is the Head of the Department of Medicine at Jinnah Hospital in Karachi, believes that eSmog exists in our environment and carries harmful effects. She added that the field of medicine was only aware of the remedial and curative effects of electromagnetic fields, which were used for repairing bones, anxiety, etc. She further reported that electromagnetic radiation is of two types. One is Radioactive Frequency (RF) and the other is Extremely Low Frequency (ELF).  Limits of both vary. The current RF and ELF limits have been 2.0W/kilogrammes and 1000mG.

According to our source, Dr. Ahsan has revealed an interesting finding regarding eSmogs effect on children and grownups. The finding is that children are at more risk of being affected by eSmog than adults. It is because the rate of cellular activity in children is high. RF, as compared to adults, moves faster through a childs brain. Furthermore, children can get leukemia if they are more exposed to ELF and if they are recovering from this disease and are exposed to 1 to 2mG of ELF, they will hardly survive.

The research done so far indicates that ELF and RF both are acceptable in certain limit, however, higher exposure can lead to serious and even fatal health issues. The rate of penetration does vary in different age group, but nobody is able to escape from its effects. For sure, running away is not possible yet overcoming the effects by minimizing and controlling the use of these devices is possible. It actually depends upon the awareness of people about eSmog. It is about how they react to it and how seriously they take this issue. Spreading awareness is just the first step towards eradication of eSmog, but what if people are resistant about compromising and minimizing the use of mobile devices and computers?

Medical teams believe spreading awareness is the key researchers and environmentalist reckon that devising a solution is the key, but the problem cannot be removed unless people are ready to eradicate it. In short, knowing the problem is not everything, accepting it is the key.

Global Awareness of eSmogs Prevalence

The World Health Organization (WHO) initiated precautionary approaches and curative action to overcome exposure to source of eSmog in 2007. Swiss government did this in year 2005 and in Germany, a safety warning was issued on Wi-Fi systems. USA, UK, France, Canada, and Spain set a limit on RF and ELF exposures.

Precautionary measures have been being taken by various countries across the world, but will these efforts and measures prove to be effective and will they be enough to eradicate the eSmog problem? Time will tell.

However, as governments do their part, the efforts and study done an individual level and by the groups can conjure up marvelous inventions and discoveries. These inventions can assist the governments to expedite the preventive measures and provide an instant solution. The memonizer family of products offers a solution. These products act as protective sheath for individuals that are surrounded by electrostatic and electromagnetic fields and are exposed to harmful radiations and electrosmog. The founder of the memonizer family of products has claimed that these products come in handy as multipurpose agents for they not only protect one from dirty radiations, but also cleanse and purify the air and water. In contrast to more than 7 health issues electrosmog brings, this protective system also carries 7 advantages. The salient features memon products are; it is natural, holistic, enhances air and water quality and most importantly alleviates environmental pollution.

If there is a problem, there is a solution. In other words, for every problem there is a solution. Whether the problem is related to our personal lives, social life, or environment, the focus is given on devising and finding solution instead of understanding and eradicating the problem. Although the products are a medicine to the illness of eSmog, but there is no guarantee of how long these and their effects would last.


Based on the findings above, it is quite evident that electronic devices generate eSmog which penetrates into our body and brain, the longer we use them or are exposed to them, silently and is a big cause of many health issues. Therefore, it is recommended that the use of computers, laptops, printers, radio, and microwave oven should not be done more than out of necessity and for a longer period of time. Mobile phones should be kept away while sleeping.

From a medical perspective, it has been proven that eSmog is a hazard for our lives. The doctors and researchers have done their part. They are promoting this idea from time to time and making are trying hard to make people aware of the side effects of using these digital and electronic devices.

Nevertheless, the biggest challenge is posed by the technopreneurs that rule todays digital age. Given this, it is quite impossible to free oneself of eSmog. What should be done then? Cant the infamous computers and mobile phone companies do something? And arent they required to play their part in what is known as Corporate Social Responsibility?

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