STAFF REPORT IBD: Though the Ministry of Information Technology is regularly facing a tough time in terms of non-seriousness on the part of the relevant authorities, however, they most recently come to the realization that the ministry is being run with acting heads as there is no regular appointments.

The parliamentary committee, which met here last week with Barjees Tahir in the chair, felt that the IT Ministry is not doing its assignments as majority of the senior officials of the IT ministry are acting or interim in addition to no ministry heading it since long.

It also came to the knowledge that most of the department working under or attached with the ministry have the same situation which is a major concern for the stakeholders.

“Everybody in these departments is on acting basis so how it is possible that department would run smoothly without any problem,” the committee chairman expressed its annoyance over this pity state of affairs. He also said that is very unfortunate that the IT sector, which has the potential to ensure development, is being ignored.

It is to be mentioned here that the Prime Minister is head of the IT ministry but he is least bothered about the future of this potential sector.

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