STAFF REPORT LHR: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has sought the public cooperation in pointing out the any anti-Islamic video on internet through any ISP or mobile operator in Pakistan.

According to a press release issued by the PTA, the Chief Justice of Pakistan has ordered the telecom authority to block access of all anti-Islamic blasphemous videos on YouTube, including the recently launched anti-Islamic film that has sparked protests across the Muslim world.

The PTA was summoned by the CJ to brief him about efforts made by the telecom regulator in blocking the anti-Islamic video, available for viewing in Pakistan.

The list provided to the Supreme Court was of 753 anti-Islamic websites blocked on the Internet by PTA out of which over 650 URLs have been banned on YouTube.

However, the surge of the anti-Islamic video links is massive, and is causing unrest in the country. The apex court was also apprised that the PTA had sent a list of anti-Islamic Secured Links to Facebook, which have been blocked from viewing. Through this release, PTA has requested that all complaints be sent to so that PTA may take prompt action.

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