STAFF REPORT IBD: Mobile cellular operators incurred an estimated loss of Rs 600 million on the occasion strike across Pakistan against the US blasphemous movie last week when they suspended their service in as many as 15 cities of the country on the directives of PTA.

According to an official of the company, on condition of anonymity, confirmed the loss to the tune of Rs 600 million on the strike day.

In this connection the government also suffered over Rs 180 million loss in terms of FED and WHT, for which no one in the government is going to take responsibility for. This loss is in addition to Rs 500 million in taxes that the government had to bear in August last due to blocking of mobile phone services on Eid.

It is to be mentioned that about 45 per cent mobile phone subscribers remained offline during the strike hours in the 15 major cities where cell phone services frequency remains high.

The official said that all the mobile phone operators seemed completely frustrated fearing recurrence of such suspension in future that would further cause heavy financial losses.

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