STAFF REPORT KHI:  Tetra Pak, the worlds leading food processing and packaging solutions company, has recently held a ceremony to celebrate winners of the “Tetra Pak Media Awards”.

The awards aim to appreciate and encourage the medias role in promoting environment and food safety related issues in Pakistan, said an official of the company while talking to media after the ceremony.

UNDP Environment and Climate Change Unit Assistant Country Director Gul Najam Jamy was the chief guest.

“These awards are an acknowledgement of the indispensable role the media has played in highlighting key environment and food safety-related issues such as climate change, industrial pollution and food adulteration in Pakistan,” said Tetra Pak Pakistan Communication Director Ayesha Eirabie while speaking on the occasion.

He said that media has always been instrumental to highlighting the environment issues and it should accelerate its efforts as it would create more awareness among the consumers and other stakeholders about the environment as well as food safety issues, about which most of the people are still have less knowledge.

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