STAFF REPORT ISB:  While proceeding forward with the auction of 3G licence, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has advertised the RFP (request for proposal) for the consultancy services.

It is to be mentioned here that PTA had initially issued information memorandum for 3G auction, base prices for spectrum and the date for bidding without hiring a consultant, however, it had triggered doubts about the whole transparency of the process. Meanwhile, amid pressure from government to follow PPRA rules for public procurement such as 3G, the PTA advertised for hiring a consultant.

Existing mobile service providers and a number of international companies have also some reservations about the price of the licence especially in the absence of an international consultant.

According to an official of the telecom authority, a consultant firm will assist PTA in all steps of the auction including marketing, valuation, process design and maintaining transparency to best benefit the government of Pakistan.

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