STAFF REPORT ISB:  The energy crisis-hit Pakistan is have energy sources in near future, as according to sources, a fresh USAID report found that Pakistan has about 150,000 MW of wind power potential. One source said it is planning 25,000 MW in wind power installations by 2015.

The report also said that one area – the Sindh corridor – has a wind power potential of 40,000 MW while another source says that wind power potential in this area is actually 50,000 MW.

However, according to officials, there are plans to add an additional 800 MW of wind power in this region, and that new growth could be completed by next year. Wind speeds in the Sindh corridor have been measured at 7.5 and 7.7 m/s, which puts the area in the “Excellent” category for wind power, they explained.

Additionally, there are 30 clean energy projects in the pipeline there with a total output of 1,947 megawatts. The government wants to attract foreign investment up to $2.7 billion in order to expedite some of these clean energy projects.

The main motivation to do so is the very high cost of yearly oil imports and the burden oil places on the national economy. Currently, that figure is about $12 billion.

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