By Aqsa Tariq

THE LAST few years have witnessed a remarkable growth in the internet usage making it the most powerful platform that has transformed the way we communicate or do businesses. Of all sources of mass media, the internet continues to be the most democratic of all, interconnecting individual networks controlled by government, business sector and private parties.

Promoting local businesses and helping them reach out to a very large market is, an initiative that started in November 2011. Dekho is an online portal that seeks to provide a credible platform for online buyers and sellers to interact.

Specifically catering to the local market and aiming to make buying and selling a pleasant experience, Nils Hammar who heads Dekhos team, says “The market in Pakistan is interesting because of the potential – It is a huge market in terms of sheer numbers and as the economy grows, will grow with it.”

Expanding on their market reach, within six months only, they have launched their mobile site which supports all formats along with a dedicated interface and is now available in the Urdu language, making Dekho the only complete classifieds site in Pakistan catering to Urdu as well as English reading and writing audiences.

Interconnecting buyers and sellers, this online advertisement hub has approximately 1000 new free classified postings on a daily basis with an extensive choice of classified advertisements ranging over a dozen categories from all over Pakistan.

Bilal Qureshi, Market Developer at, said “In Pakistan the problem with the internet is that there is a lot of clutter, finding good local information is hard. In that regard in the online classifieds market we feel we bring something different, we keep the user in mind.”

For the same reason, the web team at filters out the spam and sorts the ads making it convenient for users to access information. Interestingly, the main page of the website has a geographical division with different cities and regions listed assisting the user in searching for their interests. Split over a dozen categories including electronics, automobiles, home and personal items, animals, property, jobs, leisure, sports and hobby, matrimonial, education and others, is engaging buyers and sellers beyond geographical and language differences.

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