STAFF REPORT IBD: The arrival of new crop has started picking up gradually. A meagre number of five ginning factories in Sindh and about 25 ginning factories are now processing about 2,500 domestic size bales of the new crop daily. Arrivals of seed cotton are increasing but it will take about another couple of months for them to gain any sizeable momentum.

According to the available data, new crop seed cotton prices have declined by about Rs 50 per 40 kilograms. In Sindh they ranged lower from Rs 2600 to Rs 2700 per 40 kgs, while in Punjab they extended from Rs 2700 to Rs 2800 per 40 kilograms. The general prices idea of current crop cotton (2011-2012) from Sindh ranged from Rs 4800 to Rs 5800 per maund, while in Punjab the prices are said to have ranged from Rs 5500 to Rs 6000 per maund.

It said that the new cotton crop in Pakistan is generally said to be coming up well. The sowing of cotton has been complete by this time. Though there had been reported shortage of irrigation water since the past several weeks, it is hoped the water supply may improve. Monsoon season is on the anvil and it may pour the much needed water on the dry cotton fields during the forthcoming weeks.

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