MONITORING REPORT IBD: Al Ansari Exchange, the UAEs largest money exchange network, has partnered with Tameer Bank for simplifying UAE-to-Pakistan funds transfers, making them instant and withdrawable at over 20,000 Easypaisa outlets spread across Pakistan, said a statement issued here by Al Ansari Exchange website.

United Arab Emirates is considered a dense Pakistani populated country where remittances back home have been seeing an increase, with recent figures showing the value of remittances from UAE to Pakistan in 2011 amounting to around USD 2.2 billion.

“Pakistanis represent one of the largest expatriate communities in the UAE, which makes this partnership with Tamer Bank highly significant as it optimally leverages the vast network of Telenor Pakistan.

Given that the money transfer is instant, and the recipients in Pakistan can collect the money even late in the night will be highly advantageous to both the sender and receiver.

This tie-up also underlines our ongoing commitment to identify customer requirements and respond with timely and cost-effective solutions,” said Rashed Ali Al Ansari, General Manager, Al Ansari Exchange.

This agreement between Al Ansari Exchange and Tameer Bank will allow Pakistani expatriates based in UAE to transfer funds instantly to their families back in Pakistan, who can withdraw funds from Easypaisa outlets near to them.

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