By Nasir Mehmood

MOBILITY AND ease have driven human potential towards newer developments. Man has evolved from primitive caves to modern technological age, yet the thirst for accessibility, flexibility and connectivity is as evident as the day Adam set his foot on the earth. The requirements of modern economic era have made 24/7 connectivity a need rather than luxury. Being a product of this modern age, continuous connectivity with family, peers and business relations is hardwired in our minds. Access to latest developments, important emails and convenient access to data are all important part of our daily routine.. None of us would like to be tied to our desk or running around in search of cyber cafes to keep abreast with modern business needs. Wireless internet devices provide a solution to instant access to the internet, emails and keeping in touch with clients, co-workers, friends and family – anywhere anytime.
There are several portable, Wi-Fi devices available in Pakistan but all suffer from bulky size, costly line rents, slow connectivity speeds or poor coverage. However, there are some good options available as well,. The latest offering by PTCL 3G EVO “Nitro Cloud”, the first mobile Wi-Fi router enables users to create an intelligent Wi-Fi hotspot with unmatchable 9.3 Mbps speed and that too on the go.
The 3G EVO Nitro Clouds pocket size portability, high speed EV-DO Rev B technology, unmatched 9.3Mbps connection speed, universal Wi-Fi capability, password enabled security features and plug and play flexibility make it the most exciting product available in the market.
With its sleek design, small size and light weight, 3G EVO Nitro Cloud combines fastest connectivity and portability more effectively than any other device available in the market. Measuring only 10cm x 6.3cm x 1.4 cm and weighing 180g, it is not much bigger then a deck of cards, allowing true mobile internet connectivity while travelling, sitting in a café, or working in an office.
Nitro Clouds built in powerful multi-purpose 2700ma Li-ion battery provides up to 6 hours of fast downloading, 10-12 hours of seamless browsing experience and an astonishing 20 days of standby time. Giving PTCL customers the freedom to stay connected 24/7 without worrying for the long load shedding hours and long distance travels.
The device comes with an easy to use one click, plug and play feature, allowing users to connect to their favorite PTCL Wireless broadband with ease and accessibility. Turn on the device, connect your Wi-Fi enable device and you are ready to go; connectivity has never been so easy.
Allowing connections from 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously and customizable security features, this revolutionary product enables professionals, students, families and friends to create a virtual Wi-Fi hotspot which makes working, sharing and entertainment a pleasing and secure experience almost anywhere, anyplace and anytime. Supporting Micro SD card of up to 32GB and Universal Wi-Fi compatibility allows connections from multitude of gadgets like iphones, ipods, tablets, xbox, laptops and much more. With 3G EVO Nitro Cloud, the possibilities seem endless.
Coupled with the fastest wireless broadband “Nitro” network, 3G EVO Nitro Cloud gives users an uninterrupted browsing experience at blazing speeds upto 9.3 Mbps for the first time in Pakistan. Stream your favorite videos on YouTube, download torrents, tweet, update your status on facebook, or enjoy video conferencing at the blink of an eye.
The initial launch offer of Rs. 12000 seems quite attractive with “Nitro Cloud” device coming absolutely free. This amount includes advance payment of 4 months line rent as well. The unlimited downloads and reasonable monthly charges of Rs 3000 makes 3G EVO Nitro Cloud an ideal choice for availing hyper-speed broadband internet experience.
To sum it up, the 3G EVO Nitro Cloud is the pinnacle of portable, multipurpose and fast paced internet connectivity in Pakistan. If you are looking to be part of the future then 3G EVO Nitro Cloud is the best option to consider!!!

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