STAFF REPORT LHR: The Ravi Commission has sought a baseline study of the river in order to identify the pollution sources, polluters and the affected parties.

During the recently held meeting held at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the commission directed the Environment Protection Department (EPD) and the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) to prepare preliminary administrative and financial proposals for the implementation of a plan to ensure that the water of the river could be restored to its natural ecological level.

The commission was given presentations by the EPD and WASA, after which it undertook an extensive site inspection of the effluent discharge points and WASA pumping stations along the Ravi.

The commission invited experts from the private sector to have their say on the issue, and later convened a strategy session. Case studies from India and other neighbouring countries were shared as replicable models of ecological restoration.

Due to the pollution, nearly 40 species of fish have reportedly been lost. The water of the river poses serious health hazards, not just to the communities living along the river but also to the people whose indirect water source is the Ravi.

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