STAFF REPORT IBD: Students of physics at a university in Pakistan have designed a solar car and want to introduce the energy-friendly and pollution-free vehicle commercially..
According to details, Raja Imran, Sabeen Dilawar, Adnan Sultan, Sundus Nawaz, Wajahat Ali, Zainab Liaqat and Mohammad Tahir – the students of Hazara University in Mansehra of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province – have built the car under the supervision of their Prof. Mohammad Sadiq.
Giving details, students said that this car consumes solar energy through three solar panels of 190 watts and converts it into 12 volts. It can achieve a maximum speed of 45 kmph under the direct sunlight.
“We are working to enhance is speed up to the level of about 80 km per hour,” said Sadiq, one of the students team.

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