STAFF REPORT KHI: Burj Bank Limited in Pakistan has selected Dialogic Technology and ZRG contact centre apps for their upcoming contact center project.

According to a statement, the project is aimed at providing the best quality of services to the customers in a cost-effective way. Burj Bank required an experienced solution provider offering the best technology and associated services.

The Bank invited offers from several providers and conducted thorough evaluations of the offered technology, capabilities and strengths and prior performance of the technology from Cisco, Genesis, Dialogic and Avaya.

After evaluating several products, Burj Bank decided to go with Dialogic Technology due to flexibility, durability and its long-term partner ZRG, a well recognized IT company in the region offering fully customized and integrated solutions.

Dialogic is a globally recognized leader and a pioneer in the innovative contact center communication and CTI technology. ZRG is well-known pioneer in ICT solutions and has a successful and unparallel track record of successfully delivering result-oriented and durable solutions during last 18 years.

Dialogic Technologies, deployed by ZRG, are being successfully used by 16 leading banks within Pakistan and abroad, in addition to many other brand name organizations such as TCS, PSO, Sanofi, EFU, Allianz, MultiNet, PTCL and many others.

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