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Operating system includes set of instructions that control computer hardware and software resources. It acts as an interface between computer hardware, software and users. Some of the popular operating system are android, iPhone operating system (IOS), Linux, Macintosh Operating System (Mac OS X), Microsoft Windows etc., which provides some common services for application software.

Window 8 main focus is on Touch system, so instead of start menu, start screen is introduced with bigger tiles which allows user same kind of live tiles and data as windows phone. It will provide much more flexibility for the user so that the user will have much quicker way to get to the required program or applications. Its main features are as described below:

1                     Support For Each X86 PCs And Arm Tablets

Windows eight is that the initial edition of Windows to work on each ARM-based tablets and ancient x86 PCs based mostly on ARM processors from Intel and AMD.

Support for ARM-based chipsets, touch, and sensors makes Windows eight work fantastically on your alternative of a full spectrum of devices, like 10-inch slates with all-day battery life, light weight laptops, and more energetic all-in-one with 27-inch High Definition screens preview, Microsoft lounges Windows 8 Developer Preview. Additionally, the ARM edition of Windows eight includes a brand new mode dubbed “always on, continually connected,” designed to let tablets act like good phones. Tablets will stay in standby mode while not disconnecting from the net, and then rouse instantly. Windows eight is intended to figure seamlessly across each PCs and ARM tablets. Nevertheless till developers get a true begin on apps for Microsofts still empty Windows Store, its powerful to inform whether or not that may be universally true or not.

2              Touch-Centric, Tiles-Based User Interface (UI)

Although Windows eight would possibly look and feel like a completely new “user expertise,” Microsoft is really layering a brand new animation-enabled user interface (UI) on prime of a solely somewhat upgraded Windows seven. The Windows eight begin Menu is customizable through a mosaic of tiles, that differs from ancient desktop icons by letting one viewing live info from Windows eight.

2.1          Metro Vogue Applications, while not Truly Accessing the Apps

Windows eight weather app is able during a position is ready to show this temperature in a town – alongside projected temperatures for succeeding 2 days – while not requiring you to open up the app. A tile for Windows Live Mail can show you your latest message, whereas a tile for a social networking app can show you notifications.

3              Apps Continually on, Makes Faster Booting and Shut-Down

Application continually ON is nice feature of window eight. this suggests that applications can continually be ON and minimized within the style of tiles on the beginning screen this may save time in loading applications and can additionally build window eight terribly quick. This Feature is same as on Androids, I-phones or on tablets. This can be mainly connected with the faster booting and finish off that may build window eight the fastest.

4              Charm

In massive half, charms could be a new implementation of the normal Windows begin bar. Charms may also be used to quickly configure settings for individual apps. On a standard non-touch laptop, charms are accessed by dragging the mouse to the bottom- left corner of the screen, to a similar spot because the previous Windows begin button. On a pill, you swipe from the proper aspect of the screen to point out charms.

5              Search

Search is accessible not solely through the search charm however additionally through the start screen simply start typing and also the results on desktop is for programs and files.

6              Windows Store and Internet Explorer 10

Application store is that the next new feature in window eight. This application store is comparable to Google Play or iTunes Store, where may be realize developer application to maximize the productivity of Windows eight Metro user interference. The shop has a superb search engine, with filters that may enable finding no matter application is in required.

6.1          Web Navigation by Touch

The Internet Explorer (IE) ten browsers designed into Windows eight is intended to supply faster browsing through larger hardware acceleration, alongside speedy gesture-based zoom, pan, and internet web site navigation. As in alternative areas of Windows eight, you’ll quickly access Windows eight charms, furthermore because the 2 keyboards described below.

6.2          Two Touch Keyboards

Windows eight additionally contains 2 soft keyboards: an “enhanced” ancient keyboard, and a brand new thumbs keyboard for non-touch users. So to improve this Microsoft is going to create such that typing on a virtual keyboard, faster and a lot of correct, the revised edition of the standard keyboard suggests words on the screen as you sort. Microsoft additionally provides a spell-check-like feature designed to automatically correct mistyped words.

7              Explorer Ribbon, Best Desktop Expertise

In windows eight new explorer ribbons is comparable to MS workplace 2007 and 2010 and is accessible to each folder. It contains folder choices and application choices that normally ought to explore for in alternative menus and sub-menus in alternative windows. Explorer Ribbon could be a welcome addition to the Windows eight and it’ll build the expertise far more pleasurable and also the interface far more user friendly.

7.1          The Home Tab

The major file management commands copy, Paste, Delete, Rename, Cut, properties etc. are in distinguished location.

7.2          The Sharing Tab

The another feature of window eight, Share tab is for sharing totally different files by some special strategies as like zipping them up and emailing them to alternative person or burning them to CDs or DVDs.

7.3          The View Tab

This feature can give user to access the choices for read customization. One click can access for turning on and off the Navigation pane, Preview pane, and Details pane, a live read gallery for the various icon show sizes.

8              Enhanced Copy Expertise

Windows eight additionally introduces the power to perform all current copy operations into one dialog box, rather than requiring you to perform file copying in separate dialog boxes for every app.

9              Snap Multi-tasking

Snap multitasking” is intended to form it straightforward to run 2 apps in Windows eight side- by-side, to resize them, and to change between them. On the right-hand aspect of the screen, you’ll snap an app into place. Youll build an app smaller or larger by dragging the bar for the app.

10           Better Support for Multiple Monitors

Windows eight additionally brings increased support for multiple monitors; The Developers Preview of the new OS includes first-time capabilities for extending the taskbar across 2 PCs, with none want for third-party apps. Youll additionally stretch wallpaper across 2 monitors, or show the beginning screen on one laptop and also the desktop on the opposite, as an example. It is also straightforward to change between multiple monitors. The first monitor incorporates a begin button, and also the secondary monitor incorporates a switch button. By Clicking or tapping on the switch button you can swap it out for the beginning button, permitting you to show the secondary monitor into the first one.

11           Windows 8 Management Panel

Beyond revamping the Windows task manager, Microsoft has additionally redesigned the management panel for Windows eight. New choices embrace Personalize, Users, Wireless network, Notifications, General settings, computer Privacy, Search Engine, and Sharing. As Metro vogue apps become out there, you will be ready to use the Personalize menu to customize the beginning menu with tiles for calendar, music, e-mail, Netflix, and far a lot of.

12           Task Manager

Window eight have fast and economical ending processor , initial time in Windows eight a really clean read of running apps, additionally diagnosing performance problems, The new Task Manager additionally mix a probe context menu on right-click, thus it directly access to default search engine that is customized to envision relevant info and  details.

13           Native USB 3.0 Support

New USB 3.0 ports operate at hastens to 10 times faster than SB a pair of 2.0. To enhance these speeds, Microsoft tremendously worked on it in Windows eight with native USB 3.0 drivers. Meanwhile though USB 3.0 purportedly still work underneath Windows seven, through the utilization of third-party drivers.

14           App Locker

App Locker, a robust tool that creates privacy policies that permits the user or denies specific applications to be run. In Window eight, the Bit Locker helps businesses to cut back the chance of unauthorized access.

15           Security Up-Gradation

15.1        Facial Recognition

Facial recognition for login. A facial recognition system could be a pc application for automatically identifying or verifying someone from a digital image or a video frame from a video supply. One among the ways that to try and do this can be by comparing selected facial feature from the image and a facial database. It generally employed in security system and might be compared to alternative biometrics like fingerprint or eye iris recognition systems.

15.2        Powerful Antivirus System

Destroy a pandemic and keep the information with a “reset”.

16           Hybrid Boot System

It includes new options like Hybrid Boot that uses advanced hibernation functionality way faster shutdown times, transportable Workspace, ability to put in Windows eight on a USB Storage, trendy Task Manager, native ISO mounting, trendy Reader to browse PDF Files, etc.


This article aims to explore the state of the art operating system and gives a deep insight into the planning and feel the windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 is a new sensation amongst existing the operating systems due to its distinctive options like bit interface, enhanced begin menu.  The user can get hooked into the new look and importantly new enhanced straight forward to use options in no time.

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