STAFF REPORT IBD: Vice Chancellor of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Dr. Adil Najam, represented LUMS at the Vice Chancellors Forum on Higher Education in the Islamic World, recently held in Islamabad.

The Vice Chancellors Forum attracted over 200 Vice Chancellors, Rectors and Univeristy Presidents from 35 Muslim countries of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC).

The Forum was organised by the IESCO, the Pakistan Ministry of Science and Technology, HEC of Pakistan, the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUMI) and the hosts, the COMSATS Institute of IT.

The Forum was organised around four key themes, including: (a) Science, Technology and Innovation; (b) Knowledge Management, (c) Quality Assurance, and (d) University Governance. Speakers from around the Muslim world highlighted the challenges and opportunities in each of these areas.

In addition, working groups of VCs were constituted in each of these four areas and Dr. Najam from LUMS, was asked to lead the working group on University Governance.

During the forum there were multiple opportunities for participating Universities to share their own experiences and also learn from others.

The experience of LUMS was also shared with others, including the innovations that have marked the development of all three Schools at LUMS.

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