STAFF REPORT IBD: The Training Workshop on Energy Audit Tools has recently been conducted at the ENERCON in which the students from COMSATS Master Programme of Energy Management participated.

According to a press release issued here, the ENERCON has taken an initiative through Energy Conservation Fund to establish the Energy Audit Tools Lab for Demonstration, Trainings and Public Awareness Programmes. Presently, there is very little knowledge of the subject among technical professionals and demonstration of the tools. Through trainings will help them become able to identify and quantify the energy losses in industrial, transport, building and agricultural sector.

In order to develop a linkage between academia and industry, Pakistan is also going to write and recommend all the PEC registered Engineering Universities  to take suitable measures and steps for inclusion of ENERCON’s Energy Audit 2-3 Hours sessions going to be delivered by ENERCON representative in the respective Universities offering Energy Courses in Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil or any other relevant disciplines.

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