THE GOVERNMENT is promoting the use of LPG as comparatively low-priced fuel. Every other day LPG rates are going down. With this reduction the government wants to attract more and more people towards LPG.

It reminds me of the campaign for promotion of CNG. At that time it was told that this environment-friendly fuel is cheaper. Many people invested in the CNG sector, and people switched over to this fuel. At that time it was flourishing and a profit-making business.

Import of CNG kits, parts and cylinder got attention of the business community. There was a mushroom growth of CNG stations with new dispensers. Now powerful people want to make money with installation of LPG kits and stations.

Meanwhile, CNG prices are going up. The stakeholders say the government wants to destroy their business. The CNG Dealers and Station Owners Association have issued warning to stage protest demonstrations. But now people are no more fools. They will act smartly and wisely not to convert their vehicles when they will not get any benefits.

When, in principle, it was decided to keep CNG price 50 per cent of petrols, why is it being violated now? For promotion of LPG, the government is pressuring companies concerned to further reduce rates.

If they can reduce LPG rates, why CNG price cannot be brought down up to the agreed price formula? If the government is interested in slashing LPG rates, why is it levying tax on CNG every now and then which increases CNG rates?

Dr Alfred Charles @Karachi

By Web Team

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