THE QUALIFIER of a Central Superior Services (CSS) exam is considered certified among the few extraordinarily genius beings capable of serving the country at higher governmental cadres.

For a common person, the image of bureaucracy refers to a clan of super-genius officials busy in preparing policies centered to their own benefits.

Such circles lack the familiarity with the latest ICT tools, which are important enough to be termed as “fifth dimension” for our survival. Except private sector, which is on the front in accepting latest advancements, the adoption of ICT tools is not welcomed by public-sector entities, mostly.

Shortly, the only reluctance observed in accepting adoption of ICT is from government and administrative circles. One of the main reasons behind such fact is the executives are not ready enough to welcome any sort of ICT-based change.

Developing countries, including Pakistan, suffer from the gap between officials and public which in turn leads to conflicts.

Since beginning of Internet in 1992 and provision of incentives for promotions of IT by the government, the countrys public-sector, especially administration, still lacks familiarity with advanced usage of ICT tools.

A few of the potential advantages by integrating latest ICT tools to our bureaucratic system are:

l               Maintenance of integrity and transparency (due to inherent nature of digital stuff being “straight forward”

l               Ease of access to officials

l               Ease in identifying organizational crimes and frauds

l               Legal use of power

Achieving such advantages demands a warm reception of IT in our bureaucratic setup. Therefore, steps aimed at attracting ICT professionals to civil services need to be taken in spite of the reality that a CSP officer, throughout his service, has to attend specialized courses, some of which may cover limited ICT-related topics. Also some compulsory computer science and technology related topics should be introduced to CSS syllabus.

By Fahim K.

By Web Team

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