STAFF REPORT IBD: The student members of Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) UMT Branch has participated in the annual IIE/Arena Simulation Competition held recently worldwide. The competition was sponsored by Rockwell Automation Inc. and Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) USA. It was entirely based on a real world case study which was sent to every participant. We were given eight weeks to develop solutions to the problem.
The competitors were also required to model the entire problem in Arena Software which is internationally used for discrete event simulation. Although, the students could not win the competition but they were rewarded with participation certificates by the Rockwell Software company.
It is important to note here that this was the first time that any team of industrial engineers from Pakistan participated in this competition. There were 180 universities internationally who were participating in this competition and it was an honor for our students to bring UMT name to that list.
Through a combination of process simulation and optimization technologies, Arena simulation software helps demonstrate, predict, and measure system performance–specifically the effectiveness and efficiency of new strategies–and test drive new business rules and scenarios in a controlled environment under varying conditions and decision criteria before implementation on “live” operations or customers.

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