STAFF REPORT LHR: Faces Pakistan, an NGO helping with flood-relief efforts in the region, has taken initiative to provide solar caps to the labourers engaged in building solar-powered shelter homes for flood refugees in Badin and Kashmore where the temperature remains around 50 degrees Centigrade in the summer.
The cap includes a small fan powered by a solar cell whose speed varies automatically with availability of sunlight, said Ali Imran Raja, who is in charge of Faces Pakistans Green Energy Campaign.
The NGO has so far provided 25 labourers working on 600 one-room shelter homes in Badin and 1,000 temporary refuges in Kashmore, as part of USAID-funded project.
“If they can spend Rs500 on a cup of coffee, Im sure they can also purchase a Rs1,000 cap and move the idea forward,” said Elaine Alam, who is the Programmes Coordinator at Faces.
Faces Pakistan President Javaid Williams said the initiative was taken in view of the current energy crisis. “We are trying to educate people about wind and solar energy use,” he said. “The funds from sales will be used to educate students in villages across Punjab and Sindh about the importance of planting trees.”

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