MONITORING REPORT IBD: In order to promote Urdu language in Pakistan, has been launched.
According to details, is a third panel in a series of novel ideas. First is The Readers Club, catering to Karachi members only and offering a library owned by Usman Siddiqui and Jawad Yousuf, the owners of the website.
“To cater to the huge demand in the national market for a books buying and selling platform, we were gifted with, where anyone could upload books they wanted to sell and which became a huge hit in all age groups,” they said.
They said that now the third pillar – – is unique in the sense that it provides books in digital audio form. At the moment only short stories and story books for children have been uploaded and work on classics and other literature is pending for market response to the idea.
Short introductory clips to the stories are available online to about 1000 books that are already available in audio form. Full downloads are offered at very economical rates. Site is easy to use for all age groups.

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