The Challenge
For any organization, advertising represents the face of the company, its story and its communication with consumers. For a new organization, consumers do not have a perception about what the company represents and, therefore, do not have any brand equity. The challenge for Wateen was quite different when it was gearing for a re-launch in 2011. The company had a negative perception in the market and its communication had been entirely functional. The company was only known by most consumers for only being a WiMAX operator, which did not wholly represent that it had deployed the 2nd largest fiber-optic network in the country, was a reseller for government and enterprise solutions, was a major player for selling long distance and international minutes and had a cable TV network in Lahore, Multan and Islamabad.
The Solution
Wateen adopted a Blue Ocean Strategy – clear sky thinking on thought leadership and leading the industry and the public in adopting technology to fulfil their needs for information, communication, education and entertainment. The new logo represents the concept of freedom.
Key challenges for this re-launch campaign not only included improving the existing brand image of Wateen but also involved repositioning Wateen as a service provider that allows freedom of choice, ease of use and unlimited options to access the world.
Wateen initiated its re-launch with a pre-launch campaign – Hello Again. Jo Chaho embodies all the multi-faceted dimensions the world of the internet has to offer. That is the ideology Wateen carries with its services. In a world demarcated with varied constraints and restrictions, Wateen brings to you a medium that breaks all the ties of bondage and unleashes you in a world of countless possibilities and experiences.
The communication strategy was based on a two-phased campaign. The pre-launch incorporated a teaser campaign which was based on the launch of the new company image. The company also revamped its corporate website. The company also started its presence on the digital medium for the first time and has the fastest growing fan following on Facebook among broadband operators.
On-ground activation activities were undertaken, which included Freedom Booths that were part of freedom rallies organized in different cities by Wateen. These booths were set up to encourage freedom of expression, signifying the values of the company which uphold the rights of the people.
Later, a non-branded video for a song was also shot to give Jo Chaho a life of itself. Due to the growing popularity of the jingle, a music video has been created that goes beyond the corporate attachment and extends into a persona of its own.
The Result
After the re-launch, the gross sales were tripled which is testament to the success of the campaign. The advertisement recall nearly doubled after the launch as well, improving from 29 per cent to 53 per cent, with the TOM increasing from 24 per cent to 36 per cent. The campaign placed Wateen back on the digital map, reinstating confidence and loyalty in its customers.

By Web Team

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