STAFF REPORT IBD: PTCL has been honoured by the prestigious US-based Environment Systems Research Institute (ESRI) with the “ESRI Special Achievement in GIS Award 2012” for its outstanding achievements and organizational performance in geographic information systems (GIS) and programmes.
“PTCLs GIS programme stood out from amongst more than 100,000 others worldwide for its outstanding use of GIS technology in the existing network,” said Founder and President ESRI, Jack Danger, on the occasion. “We have selected PTCL for this years award on the basis of its innovative applications of GIS technology in Pakistan,” he said on the occasion.
PTCL has been recognized by ESRI for its expert deployment of GIS in Islamabad region based on ESRIs ArcGIS platform with telecom intelligence added through Telcordias NE software for purposes of access network planning and documentation, says a press release issued by the company.
“This is yet another global recognition of PTCLs technological edge and prowess in a competitive field,” said PTCL President and CEO, Walid Irshaid, on the occasion.
“The ESRI GIS Award 2102 highlights our companys talent and fortifies our resolve to take PTCL to new heights,” said PTCL Chief Technical Officer, Muhammad Nasrullah, while congratulating his team on the occasion.

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