STAFF REPORT IBD: US Ambassador Cameron Munters commended COMSATS for building strong institutional linkages with his countrys universities including the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and North Dakota State University. Through these institutional partnerships, COMSATS has sent students and faculty to collaborate with their American counterparts at these universities and then return to Pakistan to build the countrys cadre of technical experts.
He expressed these remarks during his recent visit to the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology here.
He said that to address Pakistans energy needs, for example, COMSATS and North Dakota State University students have collaborated to design solar-powered water heaters. This is just one shining success of the Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement signed by both countries in 2003, which connects 36 of Pakistans finest universities and research centers with 58 American universities.

“The Science and Technology Agreement and the Centers for Advanced Studies pave the way forward in US-Pak relations. Students represent the future. They are the countrys future policy makers, academics, and business leaders and their leadership will help bring our important bilateral relationship closer to one based in trade, not just aid,” stated Ambassador Munter.

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