STAFF REPORT IBD: Research by local academia could be helpful in developing better policies for resolving the issues facing the country and their research input on every sector including energy crisis, agriculture and poverty in the country would be helpful a lot.
Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Dr Nadeem-ul-Haq said this while speaking at a conference, titled “Increasing Productivity and Unleashing Growth in Pakistan”, organized by the Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP).
He said that even the Islamabad-based research is not so effective as it has been done in the Jamshoro, Sialkot and any other area of the country where there was a dire need of it.
“It is job of the hard-working not as easy as many people are thinking which can help the policy makers to decide how to get the best options implemented for solving the problems,” he remarked.
Deputy Chairman stated that the markets needed to be researched socio- economically instead of the economically and adding that the social aspects would also not be ignored while doing research in the country.
“About 180 proposal have been received and we are in the process of shortlisting the proposals for awards,” Dr. Nadeem-ul-Haq further said while appreciating the students.

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