STAFF REPORT IBD: Strong babus continuing governing the Ministry of IT and Telecom leaving no room for technocrats who have been working on research and development projects in autonomous ICT organizations.
The bureaucratic strength supported by politicians has forced technocrats Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to resign from their positions and quit the organizations affairs to be handled by their chosen ones, website Telecom Recorder said quoting sources in the ministry.
CEO of ICT RandD Fund, Dr Aun Abbas, is set to quit the organization whereas CFO of the Fund, Fawad Younus, has already resigned, they said.
According to the sources, Farooq Ahmed Awan, Secretary MoITT, has been giving tough time to the officials of National ICT RandD Fund with undue restrictions and interventions in the day to day affairs of the departments.
Even the top officials have been asked to take prior approval of the secretary before attending any private meeting such as conferences and seminars that was against the philosophy of autonomous body.
Although Farooq was not deputed as full-fledged secretary but as interim in January 2012, he issued several orders verbally and in written for the officials that created hurdles in the way of Fund to operate its functions smoothly, the sources added.
It seems that he is desirous of forcing all competent and honest professionals resign to from their posts so that he could fill up the posts with his blue-eyed and hand-picked corrupt officials, industry people said.
The political and bureaucratic alliance in the form of Minister of IT and Telecom, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf and Farooq Ahmed Awan once again occupied MoITT, which will result corruption, embezzlement and destruction of the industry, they added.

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