STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistans women are actively pursuing their career having 14 per cent share of workforce in IT industry out of which 37 per cent are presently working at the mid-executive positions whereas 13 per cent are holding senior management positions in renowned local and multinational companies.
These findings have been disclosed in the recently launched research study “Pakistan Women in Technology”.
It reveals that the participation of women in the workforce has been shown to have positive effects on a nations economy.
“P@SHA, as the IT industry representative organization in Pakistan, undertook this research to understand the real on-ground realities of women working in technology here,” Jehan Ara, President P@SHA said.
“We aimed to not only get real facts and figures on womens participation in local IT but also aimed to explore the extent to which women are enabled and equipped to succeed in IT. We have explored key reasons which may also prevent new entries into the IT field, as well as factors affecting womens growth,” she added.
According to her, one gap identified was the lack of training and mentoring programs. Most of the polled companies do not extend such opportunities to female employees, despite their proven effectiveness in enhancing the abilities of employees.

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