MONITORING REPORT BAINBRIDGE ISLAND: The Forestry Research Associates (FRA) has welcomed the initiative of Pakistan to monitor climate change impacts and scenarios.
“The Pakistan Forest Institute (PFI) is looking into the different climate change impacts in various regions throughout Pakistan and how this affects forestry resources,” stated Peter Collins, FRAs analysis partner.
The PFI explained that it is the first professional attempt to address the emerging issues of climate change and global warming and its overall impact on the environment and weather of the country and region.
Most importantly, claims the FRA, Pakistan is looking at the ways in which the forestry industry can help to mitigate the impact of climate change.
The research being carried out by the PFI is looking to ascertain the exact forest cover in the country and how this can be utilized or enhanced to try to reduce the effects of climate change in the region.
Collins added, “There are a number of ways forestry can help reduce climate change, by providing habitats and most importantly, by absorbing CO2 emitted by industry.”
FRA claims that developing countries, like Pakistan, can actually benefit financially from simply planting trees and selling carbon credits to industrial countries that emit huge amounts of CO2, like the US.

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